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Faculty Textbook Resources


The University Bookstore’s textbook rental program provides every undergraduate student access to textbooks and course materials, digitally and physically, in exchange for a fixed fee per semester. Beginning in fall 2022, graduate students will also be eligible for the textbook rental program. Faculty members can watch the following presentation to learn more about the rental program.


Important information about textbooks and course materials 

  • Digital versions of most textbooks as well as other course materials provided by publishers will be available by the first day of class, via AsULearn Dashboards.
  • Faculty have the flexibility to change their digital rental adoptions each term. Physical textbooks that do not have a digital match with VitalSource will continue to require a two-year adoption.
  • Students will continue to purchase some items, including lab kits, workbooks, one-time use items, course packs, and other items.
  • If your students will be required to purchase special order items — paper, notebooks, pens, etc. — that you would like the Bookstore to stock, please contact Tami Johnson.


How to request textbooks and course materials

  • Each term, faculty will receive an email from the University Bookstore via the vendor Verba Collect prompting them to submit course material requests.
  • Consider choosing the most recent editions of titles as these are most readily available in digital format.
  • For digital textbooks that include publisher courseware (digital labs, homework, quizzes, etc.) submit the unique digital ISBN.
  • If a digital textbook is not available, a physical textbook will be included through the rental program. After placing your course request, give us a few weeks, and you can click here to check if your book is digital or physical.
  • Please keep in mind that you have academic freedom to choose whatever learning materials you need. VitalSource will provide those materials to your students digitally when possible and at a greatly reduced cost as part of our textbook rental program. If you choose not to be a part of this program, please know that textbooks and course materials you select will incur an extra cost to the student.


How to see the textbooks adopted for your class

  • If faculty would like to see if their course adoptions are digital or physical, or they want to review what they requested, visit the course adoptions search page. Faculty will need to use the dropdown menus to find their classes and select "begin shopping" to see their adoptions.

Important Dates

Spring 2023

October 14: Verba Collect course adoption submissions begin.

November 4: Verba Collect course adoption submissions due.


How to add eBook and course materials links to AsULearn

Each faculty member will need to place the VitalSource link in their AsULearn course whether or not they actively use AsULearn for the course. 

  1. Click on your course* in AsULearn.
  2. Turn Editing On located in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Click on “+ Add an activity or resource” where you would like the link to show.
  4. Click the “VitalSource Digital Materials” activity.
  5. Name the Activity “My Materials.”
  6. Click on “Save and return to course.”

Placing VitalSource link in your AsULearn course provides a video tutorial for the steps above.

*If you intend to combine sections in AsULearn by adding course "meta-links,” and are using Pearson or Kendall Hunt courseware titles, please contact Betsy Craft for assistance.

VitalSource Resources

  • Visit the VitalSource success hub for information about teaching with digital textbooks and course materials.
  • Faculty will be able to access a complimentary digital textbook for assigned content and can also obtain digital desk copies of textbooks that they would like to evaluate for future terms. Learn more about the VitalSource Sampling Platform


If you have questions, please start by contacting your department’s textbook coordinator.

For additional assistance, please put in a Bookstore Support Request ticket (log-in required).