The next meeting of the Bookstore Advisory Board will be Friday, October 19 at 12 noon. Meetings are held in the conference room on the 3rd floor of the University Bookstore.

Meeting Date: April 30, 2018

In attendance:

John Eckman, Pam Walker, Steve Jepson, Trixie Wilkie.

Rich Christiana, Andrea Cheeseman, Mark Zrull, Dale Wheeler, Jean Francois Fournier, Robert Pope.

A. Purpose Statement

     a. The Board will work to create a purpose statement.

B. Updates

     a. Textbooks

          i. The rental program fee will remain the same for the coming year. $144.

          ii. The Economics department will test pilot a program to provide hard copy and digital course materials to students.

     b. Merchandise

          i.The Bookstore has worked with the group Students Against Sweatshops to bring in the Alta Gracia brand. Expected arrival August 2018.

          ii.The Bookstore's partnership with the Office of Sustainability with efforts to offer sustainable products from sustainable resources, is being covered in the National Association of College Stores magazine.

          iii. Plans are in place to provide a more robust stadium shop experience for the Fall football season. The Bookstore is purchasing semi permanent tents and some new fixtures to provide a better customer experience.

          iv. The Bookstore will have a presence inside the  End Zone project. A self contained, year round, stadium shop is a component of the plan.

          v. The Bookstore is formalizing its planning strategy to better reflect on-campus events throughout the year.

C. Planning

     a. The Bookstore Director position will be posted and a search will be conducted this summer with the intent of having a new Director in place before the Fall Semester.

     b. Campus Bookstore Consultants have been hired and are currently working on a report to help guide the strategic plan for the Bookstore. A report will be ready in the Fall.

D. Discussion Topics

     a. The APPStore Computer Shop is negotiating a contract renewal with Apple Computers. Board members were asked to share their thoughts on the value of maintaining an Apple Authorized Campus Store. Board members were strongly in favor of continuing to offer this service to students, noting that their students overwhelmingly use Apple products and until that trend changes the demand for Apple support should be considered.

     b. Dale Wheeler shared notes of interest from the recently conducted Faculty Survey in regards to textbooks.

E. Topics for future discussion

     a. Purpose statement for the Advisory Board.

     b. Student involvement on the Advisory Board.

     c. Digital materials discussion.

     d. Rental program for graduate students.

     e. Hybrid textbook program.

     f. Length of course adoptions. (Faculty Survey)

     g. Option to purchase textbooks.* (Faculty Survey)

*Students can purchase any textbooks from the Bookstore. Textbooks held on the rental program are sold to students at the used textbook price.

F. Next Meeting

     a. Fall 2018