Textbook Rental Program

The University Bookstore’s textbook rental program provides every undergraduate student access to their textbooks and course materials for a fixed fee per term.

About the program

  • The textbook rental program is now digital! Approximately 70%-80% of textbooks and course materials will be provided digitally.
    • Why digital? Students can access content anytime, anywhere — including 100% offline access. Digital textbooks increase accessibility and offer equitable access, and are a more sustainable solution for textbooks.
  • Physical textbooks of titles that do not have a digital version will also be provided as part of the textbook rental program.
  • Digital textbooks and course materials will be available on the first day of class, via AsULearn Dashboards. Physical textbooks and purchased course materials will be shipped directly to students, via UPS.


  • Student fees include a fixed fee per term for required textbooks and course materials. The fee is $250 for Spring and Fall terms and $14 per credit hour (capped at $51 per summer session) for Summer Sessions.
  • Some course materials, including lab kits, workbooks, one-time use items, course packs, and other items are not included in the rental fee and will be charged separately.

Visit the Student Textbook Resources page for important deadlines, information on accessing your textbooks and course materials, and how to opt out of the textbook rental program.


If you have questions, please call the University Bookstore at 828-262-3070 or contact one of the Bookstore’s textbook managers:

Betsy Craft

James Howell