The Textbook Rental Program at Appalachian State University

The rental program is a unique program designed to save undergraduate students money and to conserve resources. You can read the Textbook Rental Policy here.


Important Dates


Rental Textbooks return deadline for Spring is May 14, 2021.


 Returning Rental Textbooks (Spring 2021)

Students will receive an email with detailed instructions in late April. All students will have the option to return textbooks with a prepaid UPS shipping label or return their books to the Bookstore drop-off location between the bookstore and ASU Post Office. Rental books have the following label on the back:


Students failing to return rental textbooks by the deadline will be charged the cost of the books. Textbooks must be returned in similar condition as received. Damaged books are not accepted. The cost of rental textbooks will be charged to the student's University account through the University Business Office. Late returns may receive partial credit. Any exception to this policy must have prior approval by the University Bookstore Textbook Manager. Rental textbooks may also be returned by mail and are considered on time if postmarked by the rental return deadline.


To ship rental textbooks via the prepaid UPS label:

1. Package the textbooks securely. Include your name, Banner id# and contact information inside the box.

2. Ship to: University Bookstore 219 College Street, Boone, NC 28608.

To return Rental Textbooks in person:

1) Confirm that all of your textbooks have a Rental Textbook label (shown above).

2) Bring your books to the loading dock behind the University Bookstore in the same location textbook pick-up was available in August. Look for the AppState tent.

Drop-off hours: 9am-4pm Monday-Friday

3) Fill out the provided form with your name, Banner ID, and contact information and give your books to the staff member.


Purchased textbooks should NOT be returned to the University Bookstore. Please read the information about purchased book buy-back on our website.

Getting Textbooks: All Ordering Will Be Online

We are implementing strict physical distancing rules for the foreseeable future. Instead of coming to the Bookstore with your booklist, all students are required to order their books online beginning December 11, 2020.


How To Order Books Online: UPS shipping 

At online ordering checkout, you will have to choose "UPS Ground" to have your books shipped to your home or apartment. UPS Ground shipping requires a physical street address and apartment number - NO P.O. boxes!


eBook Information

Please note when purchasing eBooks, not all eBooks are available for full ownership. Typically books are available for a limited time. All eBooks on the University Bookstore website are available for at least 180 days. To own the textbook outright it may be necessary to purchase a hard copy of the book. The duration of each eBook is listed on the booklist page.


Returning Purchased Textbooks for a refund: Purchased textbooks can be returned, in the same condition as purchased, with the original receipt, within 3 weeks of the First Day of Class- during the fall and spring semesters only- and during the first week of class for the summer sessions.


Textbook Frequently Asked Questions 

Can someone else pick up my textbooks for me?

No. Rental texts must be picked up in person, and the rental agreement must be signed by the individual who is assigned the rental texts.  Any exceptions to this policy must be made by the Bookstore Director or textbook managers. Anyone may purchase textbooks.

Can I charge my purchase books to my student account or financial aid?

This option is not available. The Bookstore accepts cash, App Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and personal checks for payment.  All forms of payment except cash require a photo I.D.  The cardholder whose name appears on the card must be present at the time of payment and also for returns. Students wishing to use financial aid for textbook costs may do so by using the loan balance refund after tuition payment.

What is the difference between a rental textbook and a purchased textbook?

The Bookstore manages the University’s tuition based rental textbook program which provides the primary text for most undergraduate courses during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Any rental textbook not returned by the published deadline will be charged to the student account. Each rental book has a unique serial number.    

Purchased textbooks are supplemental books and consumable materials requested by the instructor. The printed book list or online order form will indicate if these texts are required or optional. Purchase texts are returnable for refund only until the published return deadline printed on the receipt. The original receipt and credit card must be presented for a refund. Purchased books not returned by the purchased textbook return deadline can be sold back to the Bookstore for the current market price.

If I am a Graduate Student or a Distance Learning Student, do I get rental textbooks?

Graduate students and Distance Learning students do not pay the rental fee are not eligible for the rental program.

Do all undergraduate students have to participate in the textbook rental program?


No. There is an option for students who would not benefit financially from the program to opt out. The textbook rental fee will be credited back to your account and you will be responsible for purchasing all of your textbooks. This may be helpful for students studying abroad. The program on the whole saves the student body millions of dollars each year, and is a contributing factor to the lower cost of attendance at Appalachian State University. If you think opting out of the program is in your best interest, you can call or email the University Bookstore Administrative Assistant Ruth Ollis ( 828-265-8608)) and request a Rental Textbook Book Fee Opt Out Form. If you have already been awarded  financial aid for the term to be opted out of, opting out may have impacts on your financial aid award. Please speak to your student financial aid counselor with questions. The deadline to submit Opt Out Forms is 30 days after the start of class for Fall and Spring terms or the 10th day after the start of class for any Summer term. The form is valid for one semester, and once approved is non-reversible.

If I make changes to my class schedule such as dropping or adding classes, how long does it take for those changes to be reflected on my book list?

Updates come from the Registrar's Office several times a day during the drop-add period. It is best to wait a few hours after making schedule changes before acquiring a new book list. You must be officially enrolled in the course, being on the "wait list" will not allow you to check out the rental book.

Do I have to wait until the deadline date to return my rental textbooks?

Rental textbooks can be returned at any time during the semester.  

Do I have to return my rental textbook in person?

No. Anyone can return rental textbooks but the individual assigned the rental books is held responsible if the books are not returned by the deadline. Books can also be shipped to the bookstore by any trackable method and receive full credit if postmarked by the published return deadline.  All books being shipped back to the bookstore must include name, banner ID and daytime phone number. Books are to be shipped to Returns Department, University Bookstore, 219 College Street, Boone, NC  28608. Insurance is highly recommended.

What if there is a book on my syllabus but it is not on my book list from the University Bookstore?

The only textbooks listed on a book list are those for which the instructor has submitted a course request.  

What if I do not turn my rental textbooks in on time?

Any rental text not returned by the published deadline will be charged to the student account. This is not a late fee.  The charge issued is the cost of replacing the book. Books returned after the published deadline will be refunded half credit to the student account.

My book is damaged. Should I return it?

Damaged books that are not in a re-usable condition such as water damaged, broken spine, or torn pages may result in the book not being accepted for return.