The University Bookstore appreciates your feedback. Thank you for helping us to create a better bookstore. Please submit general suggestions and donation requests to using the following format. We consider each submission and will respond if appropriate.

Thank you.


Want to let us know about a product you'd like to see sold at The Bookstore? Have a suggestion for the store? Want to let us know about an outstanding employee?

Send an email with the following information to

Subject: Suggestion

Contact Person:

University affiliation:

Does this matter require a response?


In keeping with the mission of the University Bookstore and Appalachian State University, donations requested from campus departments and groups and for university initiatives will be given priority. Donations are not mailed and are available for in-store pick-up only.  Donations will be filled on a first come first serve basis. The Bookstore will accommodate as many donation requests as possible.

Send an email with the following information to

Subject: Donation Request

Contact Person:

University Department or Club:

Date items are needed;

Type of item preferred.

Food Drive Request

The University Bookstore is happy to provide space for university-affiliated groups to conduct voluntary food drives when space is available. One person from the group should contact the store by emailing at least one month prior to the event request date. In your email please include the following information;

Group name. University affiliation. Benefactor name. Beginning and ending date being requested one-month maximum.

You will receive an email from Bookstore management if your request is approved.


When setting up your food drive, please follow these guidelines.

Groups provide their own box. All signage needs to be contained to the box itself.

Signs may not be posted on Bookstore walls, gates, glass windows, etc. Signs will be removed.

Check on, and empty the box regularly. Food items must be inside the box and not stacked on the floor. Food sitting outside of the box will be donated to the on-campus food pantry. Any food not collected by the end date of the food drive will be donated to the on-campus food pantry.


Contact Table Request

The University Bookstore follows the Appalachian State University policy manual concerning solicitation when considering a request for a group or individual to have a presence inside the store or in the entryway to the store.  The policy can be found on the AppState website and does require a 5-day prior approval. Groups without prior approval will be asked to leave. In addition, the benefit to the customer and enhancement of the customer experience are considered.


Photography or Filming Request

Permission is required for taking photographs or filming inside the University Bookstore. Read the University's policy on indoor photography and filming. Please contact the University Bookstore  Director to request permission.