How To Schedule On-Campus Pickup



After September 7, 2020: Students no longer need to schedule a time to claim their online orders. Claim your order the the Textbook Help Desk on the 1st floor of the Bookstore and have your online order # ready!




1. Open the Calendar Screen


To schedule your On-Campus Pickup time, you must first open your Google calendar. Make sure your calendar is set to Eastern Time. You can open the calendar by clicking here, or clicking the link on your fulfillment email. Please note that you can view different days by clicking on the arrows in the upper left-hand corner.


Click arrow to view different days




2. You Can Also View the Calendar by Weeks


You can switch views on the calendar by days or weeks. However, viewing days will make it easier to select the time that you want to schedule.


You can switch views between days and weeks



3. Select the Time and Day You Want


 Select a time you want by clicking on one of the gray boxes. Please make sure the time you select for On-Campus Pickup does not conflict with your schedule.


Click an available slot to sign up




4. Book Your Appointment


After clicking on the time slot you want, please enter your name, and most importantly, enter your internet order number. If you do not include your internet order number, your appointment will be deleted.


 Enter your order number in the description field




5. Your Appointment Is Now Booked!


Your appointment time is now booked! To keep our appointments running efficiently, please arrive within the 10-minute window you scheduled. You may be asked to provide proof that you live on campus.



Your appointment slot should now show on your calendar as well as your name in the appointment slot




6. On-Campus Pickup Location


The On-Campus Pickup site is located in the area between University Bookstore and the Miles Annas Student Support Services building. Please have your order number ready when arriving, and maintain social distancing while waiting in line.


Pickup location is located behind the university bookstore between the student union and post office, follow signage