Buy Back of Purchased Textbooks 

The Bookstore is now providing an opportunity to sell your purchased textbooks through Online Buyback via MBS. MBS is a third-party company that partners with the Bookstore every fall and spring for the end-of-term buyback. 

If your purchased textbooks have buyback value, you will print out the shipping label at their website to ship the purchased books. Once they receive the books, MBS will send you a check or put money on your PayPal account. It is easy to use and a great way to get money for your purchased textbooks!

NOTEDo NOT sell your RENTAL TEXTBOOKS at this third-party website instead of shipping them back to the Bookstore! The Bookstore will bill your student account for any rental textbooks not returned to the Bookstore, and MBS will NOT send back your rental textbooks if you mistakenly sell them through their online buyback website!

Rental textbooks will have a black and yellow sticker on the back cover reading “University Bookstore, Rental Book, Return Books by Due Date” such as the one below. DO NOT SELL BOOKS WITH THIS LABEL TO MBS. 

Click below to visit MBS’s third-party website and check the buyback value, sell, and ship your purchased textbooks:  

MBS Online Buyback