Appalachian Journal: Black Mountain College Special Edition

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Edited by: Sandra Ballard


In this issue, poets Robert Duncan and Charles Olson share the spotlight with M.C. Richards, Jane Mayhall and Hilda Morley. BMC founder John Andrew Rice and faculty members Joseph Albers, John Cage, Buckminster Fuller and Merce Cunningham receive attention alongside former students Fielding Dawson, Michael Rumaker, Basil King, Martha King, Patsy Lynch, Ray Johnson and Frank Hursh.

The journal includes articles on Alma Stone Williams, an African-American student of music who attended BMC in 1944, and who wrote letters collected in this edition, participated in an interview with her son Percy Williams and inspired her son Russell Williams to write about her. Articles on “place” — a common theme in discussions about BMC around the connectedness of the geography and time in which the school was positioned — also explore connections between Black Mountain College and the Penland School of Crafts, the John C. Campbell Folk School, the BMC Museum and Arts Center, the BMC farm and reunion gatherings. Additionally, the issue offers an archival account of visiting the BMC by the grandfather of Appalachian Studies, Cratis D. Williams.

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