Dell Warranty

Appalachian State Dell Warranty
All Dell warranties sold with Dell computers through the APP Store at the Bookstore include 3 Year warranties for:
-On campus Authorized Dell Repair at Information Technology Technical Support in the bottom floor of Anne Belk Hall

-Dell Authorized Next Business Day Repair after telephone troubleshooting where ever you are located

-Dell Accidental Care for any damages that may occur

IT Technical Support Center phone is:  828-262-8324 option 2, Email:
Dell Technical Support phone is:  877-542-3355

How to get warranty service for Dell products when not on campus

The repair for any Dell product warranty can be handled with Dell's direct warranty service when not on campus.

Please note tablets usually require an exchange.

Please use the following sites for either using Dell's online chat or a direct phone call.
Each site will give directions.

Chat can help route you to the correct person for your problem by entering your service tag at:

By phone please go to this site.

Please let us know if you cannot get the issue resolved. We can contact other decision makers if necessary.