Verba Course Adopt Online Course Requests

SUMMER 1 & 2, 2020 Course Request submissions begin: February 17, 2020 and the deadline is March 6, 2020.

   FALL, 2020 Course Request submissions begin: March 25, 2020 and the deadline is April 30, 2020

FACULTY AND DEPARTMENT TEXTBOOK COORDINATORS PLEASE NOTE: COURSE REQUESTS ARE NOT ENTERED AT THIS WEBSITE.  A link will be emailed to course request Submitters on February 17, 2020 for the Summer 1 & 2 semesters and on March 25, 2020 for the Fall semester. These emails will have Bookstore as the sender, with the email address from appstate@verbasoftware.com, and the subject as "University Bookstore Time To Submit Textbooks!". Please note that this email is not spam.


For questions regarding course requests, please contact our textbook managers directly:

Pam Walker, Bookstore Director: 828.263.3070 walkerpd@appstate.edu

Betsy Craft, Textbook Manager: 828.265-8603 craftef@appstate.edu