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Free Microsoft Office 365 for students, faculty and staff

The Computer Shop at the University Bookstore provides you with the computer hardware and software to meet your computing needs during your academic career at Appalachian.

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In cooperation with IT Support Services and Apple and Dell Computers, the University Bookstore offers special pricing with accident protection for Dell hardware and software you will need to use while at Appalachian. You must be a registered student at Appalachian to take advantage of the special pricing. Appalachian faculty and staff are also eligible for the educational discount.


We now offer a SafeWare Insurance Plan to cover accidental damage to Apple computers. Apple Inc does not offer Accident Protection. The SafeWare Insurance Plan is as follows:

1736536 SAFEWARE PROTECTION - NOTEBOOKS/TABLETS - $0-$399.99 - 2 YEARS  $69.99
1736545 SAFEWARE PROTECTION - NOTEBOOKS/TABLETS - $0-$999.99 - 2 YEARS  $98.99
1736554 SAFEWARE PROTECTION - NOTEBOOKS/TABLETS - $0-$1999.99 - 4 YEAR  $249.99
1736563 SAFEWARE PROTECTION - NOTEBOOKS/TABLETS - $200-$3999.99 - 4 YEARS  $349.99

SafeWare Campus Store Protection Plan Program


How do students register the cards?

The students simply turn their cards over to find registration instructions. After revealing their registration number on the bottom of the card, they will go to and fill in the necessary information. (You may also choose to register the students’ cards right in the store at the time of purchase.)

What is the limit of liability?

The limit of liability is equal to the retail price of the product.

Is there any deductible associated with the Safeware Protection Plan?

No. Your customer will not experience any additional “out of pocket” expenses.

What does the student do in order to get their computer repaired?

Your campus Repair Center can help diagnose what the problem is and notify the student of the problem. The student will then contact Safeware via our toll free number. Safeware agents will process the service request and either find a local service facility for them or send a box for the student to ship their broken computer to one of our service center depots.

What happens if the student needs to have their computer repaired while they are not at school, e.g., summer breaks, fall breaks, or holidays?

Regardless of where the student is located, they should call Safeware and our agents will process the service request. Safeware will either find a local service facility for them or send a box for the student to ship their broken computer to one of our service center depots.

Can a student buy a Plan after they’ve already purchased a computer?

Yes. A student can purchase a Safeware Plan after they buy a computer. They have to first bring their computer to the store to confirm the date of purchase and that it is in good working condition. The Start Date of the Safeware Plan goes back to the date the computer was purchased.

Is the coverage transferable?

Yes. When selling their computer, the student just calls Safeware at our 800 number to transfer coverage.

Computer Purchasing 101

  • For computer purchases Cashiers Check, US Postal Money Orders, Visa, Mastercard, Appalachian Express Account and cash are acceptable forms of payment. Out of state checks will not be accepted. In state checks must clear the bank before product is shipped from the store.
  • Returns on computer products will be charged a 15% (fifteen percent) restocking fee.
  • Our computer packages include 3 year warranties, the recommended campus software: Microsoft Office Professional 2010 for Windows XP and above, Microsoft Office 2011 for OS X for the Macintosh, as well as a security cable as needed for laptops.
  • Please note that delivery for laptop computers can take two to four (2-4) weeks. Your Computer orders are welcome at anytime.
  • Incoming freshmen need to place orders two weeks prior to the start of classes to ensure that the computer will be available when arriving on campus. 


As of September 22, 2014 Microsoft is now offering the student as well as faculty and staff a free copy of Microsoft Office 365. The website to download a free academic copy of Office 365 is  Be sure to use...

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